Wine Quiz #6

Another week has gone by and it is time for our weekly wine quiz (I think I usually do these on Sunday, actually, but my son had a late baseball game and by the time we got home a barely had enough time to pull a cork).  As some of you undoubtedly know, I am pretty much a drunk.  That would not take much sleuthing to ascertain, since it is in the title of this little blog thingy, after all. It should also be fairly clear at this point that I am a bit of a champagne freak.  Everyone loves champagne.  Well, at least everyone I know loves champagne.  OK, at least everyone I know tells me they love champagne.  Perhaps a few of you don’t and are just being nice or caving to pressure and/or fear (I am 6’4″ and a bit overweight at the moment).  A better explanation might be that I do not suffer fools all that well and those who do not like champagne I consider rather foolish so I no longer ‘know’ them.

I guess I will stop trying to insult people know and just get to the point of all this rambling:  those who are into champagne have no doubt heard of Krug (if you call Korbel ‘champagne’ you are not ‘into’ champagne–don’t get me wrong, I actually like Korbel, but it ain’t ‘champagne’ or even ‘California Champagne’ since there is no such thing–here I go rambling again).  For many (myself included), Krug sits at the apogee of champagne houses (and if price is any indication, the people at Krug certainly believe it–the least expensive bottle of Krug will set you back $130 minimum these days). They produce a few different bottlings, which brings us to today’s question (I know: ‘finally!)

Which of the following is not made by Krug?

  1. Clos du Mesnil
  2. Clos d’Ambonnay
  3. Grande Réserve
  4. Brut Rosé

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4 thoughts on “Wine Quiz #6

  1. I think Cat is right — #3 (unless you’re trying to trick us…and it’s Clos DU Mesnil instead of Clos DE Mesnil…)

  2. So yes, the correct answer is #3, Grande Réserve. The other three are ridiculously expensive and I have only ever tasted the rosé (it was great, duh). For extra credit: What house in Ay makes the Grande Réserve and is (coincidentally) my favorite non-vintage brut?

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