Happy Thanksgiving–2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Several years ago, my boys and I started a tradition of going down to the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade. We are fortunate enough to live less than a mile from the parade route, which makes it that much easier to attend. As I sit here and write this, I can hear the helicopters overhead, which means I better be quick since the parade is about to start.

Last year, we were out in Michigan and missed the parade, so the boys are very excited to get back to one of our “traditions” (does three out of four years constitute a “tradition”?). So excited, in fact, that they are upstairs watching T.V., probably oblivious to the fact that it is even Thanksgiving.

Watch a little football (only a little since the Eagles will no doubt lose again), then it will be off to some friends for dinner. Certainly easier since we will not be doing much cooking, but then we will not have any leftovers, either, which is pretty close to a tragedy in my book.

I need to run off to the parade, but I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some photos from a few of the parades over the years:


2013: Sebastian and Nathan trying not to be cold.

Sebastian up on my shoulder.

2013: Sebastian up on my shoulder, looking for Santa.

Finally, we got a glimpse of Santa and it was time to go home.

Finally, we got a glimpse of Santa 

From 2012: My son meets one of his heros–a donut.

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