Cleaning a Couple Things Up

I had planned on an entirely different post today, but in an effort to Get Things Done, I decided at the last-minute to change it up.

First, Happy Halloween everyone! I used to despise this “holiday” since for the first 9 years of my life my mother used to insist that my siblings and I all be clowns—and she made all the costumes herself. In retrospect, it was not all that bad as the costumes were very well made, and, well, “cute” but that was entirely the point—once I became conscious of having a peer group, I no longer had any desire to be “cute” on Halloween, and that was just not possible with a brightly colored pointy hat and a big red nose.

Now, things have changed. First, my kids love the whole thing and they, for the most part, have pretty cool costumes that have been completely influenced by pop-culture. They are also going to bring home a bunch of candy, which I will have the pleasure of raiding over the next few weeks. IMG_1395

But more importantly, I love going Trick-or-Treating with them now. Why? Many people in our neighborhood sit out on their front stoop passing out candy (as they do in most neighborhoods), but they also are usually out there with an adult beverage as well, and often it is wine. So, I carry a wine glass around with me and after my kids have received their loot, I stick out my empty glass and say “Trick-or-Treat”. Sometimes people have an uncomfortable laugh, but when they still see me holding my glass out there, they realize I mean business and fill it up.

Great fun.

Second, our friend Anatoli over at Talk-a-Vino has come up with this month’s theme for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#13). You should go over to his site and check it out. I will post the timeline for the Challenge tomorrow.

Last, I thought I would take this pseudo-holiday to finally get my act together and send out the Secret Wino assignments. Right now, there are 14 people signed up and the selections have been made. If you have not received the address of your recipient by noon Eastern time today, please let me know since that means you have not been included.

There is also time to join in on the fun if you like, but I need to hear from you no later than Sunday!

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, here are the “rules”:

  1. You send me your address (to jeff (at) thedrunkencyclist (dot) com). I will then randomly assign you someone to whom you will send wine, and someone who will send wine to you. You will then get an email from me stating to whom you are to send the wine. The person sending you the wine will remain anonymous (until you get the wine, of course).
  2. You select 1-2 bottles of wine that you either purchase or grab from our cellars.
  3. There is a  lower limit on the retail price of the wine(s) ($25), which you can of course exceed….
  4. NO SAMPLES (for ethical as well as not wanting to be labeled a complete jack-donkey don’t send any wine you got for free, no matter how cute that critter is on the label).
  5. Limited to people with a U.S. address.
  6. Indicate if you have any strong limitations (e.g., Red Only or No German Riesling!)
  7. Get the wine shipped out before Thanksgiving, if possible.

That is all I have for now, Happy Halloween again, and if you are the one staying home to pass out the treats tonight—open a bottle of decent wine as I will likely be passing through!20131103-104212.jpg