Saturday Reminder—3/23/19

Well the calm of last Saturday is a mere memory this week as there is a pre-ACT test, a baseball game, driver’s ed, and something else that I know I am forgetting that will come crashing back to me when my wife finds out I forgot. Then I have to make my son’s birthday dinner, which will take most of the evening. Before I head off on to “enjoy” my weekend, I have just one quick reminder for you:

  • I have begun the process of collecting samples for my Third Annual Largest Blind Tasting of American True Rosés! A “True Rosé “ is a wine that was always intended to be a rosé—some people call them “intentional rosés”, “direct press rosés”, or even “bespoke rosé.” In other words, these are not saignées (a by-product of red wine production when part of the juice of a red wine is bled off [“saignée” means “bled” in French] and made into a rosé)This year I will again host the event at my house for several Houston based wine writers and bloggers in early May. Please let me know if you have a wine that should be included or if you may be interested in attending (although there is limited space). Last year we tried 68 (!) True Rosés!

That’s all I have today—have a great and safe Saturday!

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