Weekly Wine Quiz–It’s Back!

Well, it is Wednesday again, and time for the Weekly Wine Quiz. Last week, I had a couple of polls to try and determine what you, my loyal readers, thought about the quizzes. Overwhelmingly, you stated that I should keep the quizzes, but that they might be a bit on the too difficult side. Well, I will think about making them a tad bit easier, but remember, my quizzes are not necessarily designed to test what you know, but rather encourage you to learn. They are 100% Open Quizzes (open book, open note, open google). There is no need to feel bad if you Google! The whole idea is for all of us to become more knowledgeable (if you think I don’t use Google in creating the quizzes, then I have some wine that was owned by Thomas Jefferson to sell you).

Enough of the lecture, on to the Quiz!

The last quiz was based on the Loire Valley and we will stay there at least one more week as we continue our little Tour de France. (See how I worked the bike thing in there? They don’t just give out a Ph.D. to any dullard that comes along, you know.)

1. Which of the following villages does not belong? Why not?

a. Menetou-Salon
b. Pouilly-Fumé
c. Quincy
d. Saint Bris

2. Which of the following literary/historical figures is not associated with the Loire Valley?

a. Joan of Arc
b. Henri Matisse
c. François Rabelais
d. Leonardo da Vinci

3. How many AOCs (official wine region designations) are there in the Loire Valley?

a. 47
b. 58
c. 69
d. 71

4. All of the following Loire Valley châteaux have an AOC that includes its name except one–which one is it?

a. Blois
b. Chenonceaux
c. Cheverny
d. Saumur

So that is it for this week! Best of luck–answers next week.

Chenonceau chateau

Chenonceau Château


About the drunken cyclist

I have been an occasional cycling tour guide in Europe for the past 20 years, visiting most of the wine regions of France. Through this "job" I developed a love for wine and the stories that often accompany the pulling of a cork. I live in Houston with my lovely wife and two wonderful sons.
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13 Responses to Weekly Wine Quiz–It’s Back!

  1. talkavino says:

    Q1: Saint Bris is an AOC in Burgundy, the rest are in Loire
    Q2: Henri Matisse seems to have no connection to Loire, the rest of them do
    Q3: seemingly simple question which doesn’t have a good answer. Wikipedia says it is 87, and according to another web site (http://www.terroir-france.com/wine/aoc.htm#.UhTh4j9B9YV) it is 53…
    Q4: Blois seems to be the one


  2. Kudos to the quiz participants. I am clueless to most questions but do appreciate the learning element. Thus, I read. And appreciate the beautiful chateau’s and other accompanying imagery. 🙂


  3. Damon Levy says:

    I agree with talkavino on questions 1, 2, and 4. Just guessing on Matisse. I know Joan and Leo are connected.
    For Q3, I think it is C (69).


  4. foxress says:

    1. Saint Bris
    2. Henri Matisse
    3. 69
    4. Blois


  5. Frank Di Michale says:

    1, d ; 2,b ; 3,c ; 4,a


  6. 1. Saint Bris — because it’s in Burgundy. The others are in Loire.
    2. Henri Matisse sounds good to me.
    3. 69
    4. Blois

    And because I went down a rabbit hole this morning, here is your François Rabelais quote of the day: “I drink no more than a sponge.” Salud!


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