Wine Trivia Wednesday–#70

Well, it is Wednesday again, and time for the Weekly Wine Quiz. Last week’s Quiz was comprised of a few general wine knowledge questions, which we need to address first.

1. What is the oldest AVA in Napa Valley?
a. Howell Mountain 
b. Los Carneros 
c. Mt. Veeder 
d. Stags Leap District
B. Los Carneros. Carneros was granted AVA status in 1983.
2. What is the newest Napa Valley AVA?
a. Atlas Peak 
b. Calistoga 
c. Coombsville 
d. Diamond Mountain District
C. Coombsville. Was granted AVA status in December, 2011.
3. Of the following appellations, which does not have a Grand Cru vineyard for white wine?
a. Chassagne-Montrachet 
b. Aloxe-Corton 
c. Meursault 
d. Puligny-Montrachet
C. Meursault. One of the top regions in the world for Chardonnay, Meursault has no Grand Cru vineyards.
4. Napoléon Bonaparte was associated with all of these wines except:
a. Chambertin 
b. Constantia 
c. Moët 
d. Pétrus
D. Pétrus.
Bonus Questions:
1. What specific wine is the server (the woman in the white shirt) holding? If you look closely at the bottle, you can see that it is a bottle of Dom Pérignon. Since the movie was released in 2006, it is likely a bottle of 1999 DP, but that is at best a guess.
2. Who is the woman in the black shirt (her real name, not character name)? Scarlett Johansson.
3. Name the movie. Scoop.
There were a few more players last week, and we have a couple winners: Anatoli of Talk-a-Vino, The Wandering Sheppard, and Linda of From Vinho Verdi to Barolo with Love not only got all the questions right, but she got two of the three parts of the bonus question right as well! Congratulations!
On to this week’s quiz. Once again, instead of focusing on one wine region, the quiz this week is a hodgepodge of wine trivia. So in no particular order:
1. True or false: The word “Estate” in the name of a winery has legal meaning.
2. Which of the following is not a benefit from the punt in the bottom of a wine bottle.
a. It makes the bottle stronger. 
b. It is useful in helping to pour the bottle. 
c. It catches sediment. 
d. Puntless bottles are more easily identified as counterfeits.
3. What does it mean to “punch the cap”?
a. To pop off the top of a wax coated bottle. 
b. To push down a broken cork back into the bottle. 
c. Another term for sabering a bottle of champagne. 
d. Pushing floating grape skins  back into the fermenting juice.
4. Which of the following is associated with a buttery smell in white wine?
a. Lactic Acid 
b. Citric Acid 
c. Malic Acid 
d. Tartaric Acid
Bonus Question: What well known figure is associated with this wine?
Trivia 70

Good luck! Answers next week!

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About the drunken cyclist

I have been an occasional cycling tour guide in Europe for the past 20 years, visiting most of the wine regions of France. Through this "job" I developed a love for wine and the stories that often accompany the pulling of a cork. I live in Houston with my lovely wife and two wonderful sons.
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7 Responses to Wine Trivia Wednesday–#70

  1. talkavino says:

    Interesting quiz, Jeff – Brunello question was definitely a learning experience : )
    1. False
    2. d, punt has nothing to do with counterfeit wines
    3. d, push the floating grape skins down
    4. a, Lactic acid
    Bonus: Richard Gere, This wine was specially produced by Tenuta San Filippo specially for his Bedford Post property in New York.


  2. When in doubt, cheat. So same as above. Do I win too? 🙂 I promise not to bring boxed wine for dinner.


  3. Expat Eye says:

    I think lactic acid and that’s me done 😉


  4. 1. False
    2. d (I thought I heard of the others, and b reminds me of DAS BOOT!)
    3. b (reminds me of your wine straws post)
    4. c
    BQ: The Bonus Question always seem to be harder than the other 4. No idea on that one.


  5. 2chefs1home says:

    1. True
    2. D
    3. C
    4. C

    I really want to google for the correct answers but that would be cheating so ill just wait to tune in next week.

    Our “Winesday” post this week is about our favorite Italian wines of the Slow Wine US Tour if you feel like checking it out. –


  6. glwelden says:

    1. False
    2. D
    3. D
    4. C

    Bonus – no idea without cheating (googling), sorry! Your bonus questions get me every time…..

    Thanks Jeff!


  7. vinoinlove says:

    1. False!
    2. D
    3. D
    4. Had to google this one. I think it’s A.
    5. This Brunello was produced for Richard Gere’s Bedford Post restaurant.


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