What We Have Been Drinking—6/10/2014

Over the course of a week, I taste a bunch of wine, usually with friends, and almost always with my wife. As I have been getting a few more samples in, I am dipping into my cellar a bit less, which is why I have not had one of these posts in a couple of weeks. Here are some of the wines we tasted the past two weeks that stood out:

NV Cave des Producteurs de Vouvray Vouvray C. Greffe Rosé: Retail $20. We opened this with Korean BBQ and it was fantastic–the extra oomph of the rosé met sweet and spicy head on–just like it was taught. Very Good. 88-90 Points.

2011 Cosentino Winery Cabernet Franc The Franc Lodi: Retail $25. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I was a Cosentino wine club member for years after meeting Mitch (for the only time) during my first ever wine dinner. A large proportion of my cellar was (and is) dedicated to Mitch Cosentino’s wines. A couple of years ago, however, the winery changed hands and Mitch is, for all intents and purposes, no longer involved in the winery that bears his name. That is sad on a several fronts, not the least of which is this wine. One word: Meh. And that’s an embellishment. This wine was a regrettable mixture of black cherry Kool-Aid (without the sugar) and more black-cherry Kool-Aid. Meh^2.If you want to find that authentic Mitch Cosentino magic, he is making wine again under the pureCru label in Napa (I have not had the pureCru wines yet, but I am confident that Mitch is up to his previous levels of quality). This wine?  Average at best. 78-80 Points.

2011 De Ponte Cellars Pinot Noir Rosé: Retail $25. De Ponte hosted me several years ago when I went out for IPNC (International Pinot Noir Celebration) and they were fabulous. I will always have a soft spot for them. This wine is wonderful, rose and citrus and tons of acidity. I might have waited a bit too long, but I am loving where it is now. Very Good. 87-89 Points.

1995 Dureuil-Janthial Rully 1er Cru Le Meix Cadot Tres Vieilles Vignes Reserve: Retail $?? I bought this bottle several months ago off the internet for $7. Yeah, $7. Well, after coaxing the cork out of the bottle with an Ah-So, the wine was quite dark, obviously oxidized. Despite this, there were some great flavors: honey, citrus, and yes, Sherry. While my wife refused to drink it, I did so happily, it was actually quite enjoyable in a twisted wine geek kind a way. Not Rated (Flawed?)

2005 Gary Farrell Pinot Noir Starr Ridge Vineyard: Retail $48 This was extremely tight upon opening–not much on either the nose (despite a bit of cherry) or the palate. So I let it sit. Good idea. A bit later, this really opened up with more cherry and a bit of earth. The palate really advanced with great fruit upfront, depth through the mid-palate and a long-lasting finish. The balance throughout, bracketed by the acidity was impeccable. This was a genius purchase. Thank you very much. Outstanding. 90-92 Points.

2010 Gary Farrell Chardonnay Carneros Selection: Retail $30. This just continues to get better. The time in bottle has served it well. Great fruit of primarily lemon and melon, this coats the mouth with just the right amount of oak and acidity. I previously had this rated slightly lower, on this night it was Outstanding. 90-92 Points.

2005 Mommessin Fleurie Les Roches: Retail $20. At the very last moment, I grabbed this after remembering that about a year and a half ago I said I needed to drink more Beaujolais. A bit of earth, a touch of cranberry, and a bunch of black cherry. Still plenty of fruit on the front, and balanced throughout. Very Good to Outstanding. 89-91 Points.

NV Peter Weber Crémant d’Alsace: Retail $20. I decided to pop this with Korean barbeque and it more than held its own–it did suffer a bit when things got spicy, but don’t we all? Very Good. 88-90 Points.

20140610-090318.jpgWINE OF THE WEEK(s): It has been more than a couple of weeks since I have recounted the wines that we have been drinking and there are a couple of reasons for that. First, I have a ton of stories backed up in the queue and I have been trying to get those up. I have a bunch of travel coming up, including the Wine Bloggers Conference and perhaps another trip to Sonoma/Dry Creek Valley. Then there is France. I figured the stories are only going to multiply. Second, I have been trying to go through some of the samples I have  been getting lately, and have neglected my own stash (all the wines that I review in the “What We Have Been Drinking” I have purchased).

For my wine of the week this go around, I decided on the 1995 Dureuil-Janthial Rully 1er Cru Le Meix Cadot Très Vieilles Vignes Réserve, which most might consider a bit of an odd choice given that it was essentially flawed. I agree it is an odd choice, but it is also a sentimental one. I have ridden through Rully a couple of times and it is a charming little village. It is also a White Burgundy (albeit from the Côte Chalonnaise), where Chardonnay reigns and once you have had an older White Burg (that is not flawed, of course),  you are always searching for that magical flavor. As I mentioned, I bought it on the internet, which although risky, has proven to provide me with a bunch of great wines that I would have otherwise either never come across or never been able to afford. Recently, those pipelines seemed to have dried up, so this might be the last old White Burgundy I drink, at least for a while.

What was your Wine of the Week?


About the drunken cyclist

I have been an occasional cycling tour guide in Europe for the past 20 years, visiting most of the wine regions of France. Through this "job" I developed a love for wine and the stories that often accompany the pulling of a cork. I live in Houston with my lovely wife and two wonderful sons.
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12 Responses to What We Have Been Drinking—6/10/2014

  1. sallybr says:

    With the heat upon us, I must say my favorite wine these days is “Vinho Verde” from Portugal

    I love a brand called “Praia” (which in Portuguese quite appropriately means “Beach”) – not fancy at all, but so delicious on a warm evening!


  2. That’s such a bummer about Cosentino


  3. Dureuil-Janthial is a great Rully producer, shame about that particular bottle… I’ve had some of its younger stuff and it’s pretty good.


  4. mrsugarbears says:

    Tis’ the season. Yummy.


  5. TheSybarite says:

    Gary farrel is what solidified me falling in love with wine. Such a great producer.


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