Sundays Are For Sebastian #278

Sebastian is my eleven-year-old and he says some of the funniest things–we have no idea where he gets his material since his mother and I are rather boring, serious people. 

The house cleaners found a $100 bill in Sebastian’s bed and dutifully reported it to us.

Seba is known for being irresponsible and prone to losing all sorts of items (he lost his shoes once).

We kept quiet but eventually confronted him.

His mom (presenting the bill): “I found this in your bed.”

Sebastian: “I was looking for that! I knew it was there.”

His mother: “Well, why should you deserve it back?”

Seba: “Oh, never mind.”

His mother: “What?”

Seba: “I don’t want it.”

It turns out it was a very convincing fake (so convincing that my wife was going to use it to actually pay the cleaning crew the next go around.

Mom: “Seba, did you know this was a fake?”

Seba: “Of course.”

His mother: “Where did you get it??”

Seba: “I literally have no idea.”

You have to look closely….

Pretty convincing.


About the drunken cyclist

I have been an occasional cycling tour guide in Europe for the past 20 years, visiting most of the wine regions of France. Through this "job" I developed a love for wine and the stories that often accompany the pulling of a cork. I live in Houston with my lovely wife and two wonderful sons.
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4 Responses to Sundays Are For Sebastian #278

  1. themis t. says:

    It made me laugh, it was very good, a hug for Sebastian and for you

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  2. Big big smile! 😊

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