Wine Trivia Wednesday–#83

Well, it is Wednesday again, and time for the Weekly Wine Quiz. Last week’s Quiz we returned to a random selection of wine trivia:

1. With all other factors being held constant, given two vineyards that are identical in every way except Vineyard B is 1000 feet higher than Vineyard A, which of the following is true:
a. Vineyard B will produce more fruit per acre. 
b. Vineyard A is less susceptible to frost. 
c. Vineyard B will produce wines higher in acidity. 
d. Vineyard A is better suited for Pinot Noir.
C. Vineyard B will produce wines higher in acidity. I realize that I might catch a little heat for this one, but all things being equal, and given the other choices, only higher acidity will certainly occur at the higher elevation.
2. Of the following, which is not an advantage of harvesting grapes on a cool night?
a.It increases the grapes' acidity. 
b. It decreases the possibility of a "stuck" fermentation. 
c. It reduces the oxidation rate of the juice.
d. It slows the rate at which grape skins color the clear juice.
B. It decreases the possibility of a “stuck” fermentation. 
3. What grape is used in the production of Manischewitz?
a. Concord 
b. Muscadine 
c. Niagra 
d. Scuppernong
A. Concord. I can safely (and proudly) say that I have never tried Manischewitz.
4. Which of the following is not true?
a. American oak used in barrels is sawn, French is split.
b. American oak is seasoned outdoors, French oak is kiln dried.
c. American barrels are typically cheaper than French.
d. Only about 5% of an oak tree is used to make the best barrels.
B. American oak is seasoned outdoors, French oak is kiln dried. Being the tricky guy I am, these were reversed: American oak is kiln dried and French oak is seasoned outdoors.
Bonus question:  Who is this?
From The wine Spectator

From The Wine Spectator

This is none other than Helen Turley. If you do not recognize her name, you have more problems than a math book.

We did not have anyone get all the questions right last week, but you are all still winners in my book (clearly you have good taste concerning which blogs you read). Special shout-out to Caspernick who got three out of the four questions right, and the bonus. Congratulations!

On to this week’s quiz. I am out in California this week, being hosted by the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley and Discover Santa Rosa, so I thought I would have the area as the theme this week:

1. What is Dry Creek Valley’s signature variety?
a. Chardonnay 
b. Merlot 
c. Pinot Noir 
d. Zinfandel
2. Of the following, which is not associated with Santa Rosa?
a. Michael Chiarello's Bottega Gran Fondo 
c. Charles Schulz Museum 
d. Levi's GranFondo
3. What year was Dry Creek Valley granted AVA status?
a. 1976 
b. 1980 
c. 1983 
d. 1991
4. Of the following, which are Dry Creek Valley wineries?
a. Collier Falls 
b. Del Carlo Winery 
c. Kokomo Winery 
d. Ridge Lytton Springs 
e. Rued Vineyards
Bonus Question:
What winery is this?
Good luck! Answers next week!

About the drunken cyclist

I have been an occasional cycling tour guide in Europe for the past 20 years, visiting most of the wine regions of France. Through this "job" I developed a love for wine and the stories that often accompany the pulling of a cork. I live in Houston with my lovely wife and two wonderful sons.
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8 Responses to Wine Trivia Wednesday–#83

  1. OK, I finally broke down and decided to try Googling. It was too much of a soul-crusher to not see my name amongst the winners.

    4 All of the above
    Bonus – Ridge Lytton
    1 was easy, still not sure about 4 but it makes sense because you are visiting there. Now, if I still don’t get them all right, THAT’S going to be a soul-crusher. Going back to Google-free next time


  2. aFrankAngle says:

    I’ve been to Dry Creek several times … but darn … I wouldn’t score well on this one. I love Dry Creek Zins!


  3. 1. D
    2. A
    3. C
    4. All of the above
    Bonus: Ridge Lytton Springs
    As for #4, I’ve been to all of them except Del Carlo. And I’m very much looking forward to Passport to DCV next weekend! Hope you enjoyed or are enjoying your trip to NorCal. I did the Santa Rosa Wine Trail a couple of years ago – some very good wineries…


    • So jealous that you will be attending Passport to DCV! Have you mapped out which wineries you are going to hit yet?


      • No firm itinerary yet. We usually do visit a few faves like, Ridge, Seghesio, and Bello, Mauritson, and Papaprieto. Then we’ll check out some places we haven’t been before (generally driven by a combination of food and entertainment available)


      • Well, if you stop by any of the following: Ridge (and run into Eliot), Kokomo (Erik Miller), Pasterick (Gerry), Unti (Mick), Collier Falls (Barry), Del Carlo (Ray), Dry Creek (Bill Smart), Rued (Richard or Dee), tell them that I said Hi and thanks! Have a great time–so wish I could be there!


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